Conversation with a Physicist

I had authored an article in 2011 titled “A Critique of Statistical Hypothesis Testing (SHT) in Clinical Research.” This paper highlights philosophical and practical problems that make SHT less than scientific and more than problematic. I shared this recently with a scientist friend, who wrote back: “Remember, statistical testing is even in vogue in particle physics, […]

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Reporting p-values

In a previous article, I have already tackled the fundamental notions of frequentist statistics as violating the desiderata of science. Be that as it may, the stupendous extent of this approach’s contradiction with its own norms merits some attention. This is Ioannidis’ main argument, as also John Cook (see Cook’s blog post). To quote Cook, […]

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Large Sample Size Example

After having examined the issues with statistical hypothesis testing, we shall illustrate with an example of a large sample size experiment how we might report results, both with and without statistical hypothesis testing. The problem (source: The Cartoon Guide to Statistics, Pg 160) Harvard conducted a study that attempted to look at the effectiveness of […]

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